Webhosting FAQ

Is an own server worth it?

An own server provides the freedom to install any software on it. However, you have to take care of the administration of the server yourself and this requires a high level of technical expertise and additional running time. Therefore, I usually advise against using your own server and recommend the use of shared web hosting.

Does my website need SSL?

Does your website need an encrypted connection via SSL / https? And if so, what does it cost? Fortunately, since December 2015 there are free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Some providers already offer them, but unfortunately not all of them yet. Find out more about SSL in this article and the costs you have to expect for this strong plus in security.

Measure reachability and load time of websites?

  • This describes how I monitor the loading times and the availability of the webhosters here.
  • You can also use the Python script yourself to monitor the loading times and the availability of your website.

Free SSL protection via Cloudflare?

Cloudflare allows you to set up a free https connection for any website, even if the web hosting provider does not offer (free) SSL certificates. This article reveals what Cloudflare and a Content Delivery Network is, why it significantly increases the security and loading time of your website, and how you can use the free https connection.

Avoidable mistakes when choosing the web space offer?

In order to avoid trouble with the website, some mistakes can easily be avoided when choosing a provider: So one should not reach for the cheap offerer, since there the technology as well as the service are often very bad. Also, you should refrain from very small as well as very young providers, because there the probability is much higher that they stop their business.

What does web hosting cost?

Web hosting incurs various costs: Hardware, electricity, internet connection, cooling, technicians and much more. But how high exactly are the costs for the provider per server?

This provides information and breaks down the costs. It should then be clear that good web hosting rates should cost at least 5 to 10 euros per month.

Which web space tariff to choose?

Do more expensive tariffs automatically mean more performance for the website? Unfortunately, this is not the case, because with the more expensive tariffs, fewer customers share a server, but they have more frequently visited websites. The performance of these websites can even be even worse in the end.

Most important criteria for good web space

This lists which criteria are important when choosing a web hosting tariff and on which only marketing blah blah is. So you often need significantly less storage space, the fewest websites come over 1GB. On the other hand, accessibility and loading times are the most important criteria. But unfortunately you rarely find any information about this.

How much does a Managed Server cost?

A good Managed Server with modern hardware, good network connection and competent server personnel should start at 100 Euro per month. Why and whether there are savings potentials, you can find out in this article.

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