Opera 60 presents: Browser is far ahead of Firefox and Chrome

In the current final version 60, the web browser Opera surprises once again with new functions that none of its competitors offers. The browser not only has a fresh design, but also offers access to blockchain-based Web 3 apps via an integrated crypto wallet.

Opera has been a competitor of the established browsers for quite some time now and should not be underestimated. Because the program not only convinces with its visual appearance, but also offers exciting new features with every further update, which you won’t find with Chrome or Firefox yet.

It’s the same this time: The current final version 60 features a crypto wallet that offers access to Ethereum-based web applications, so-called dApps, in addition to managing crypto currencies. In addition, the Opera browser now shines in a bright or dark theme.

To activate the Crypto Wallet in version 60 of Opera, you must first download the Opera app for Android or iOS. Then scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone and verify your selected mobile phone unlock such as password or fingerprint. Now you can manage the crypto currency Ethereum and have access to various Etherum-based dApps. These applications offer you access to the so-called Web 3, which in contrast to Web 2.0 wants to give you more control over your own data due to its decentralized structure. But this is only one of the changes Opera wants to convince its users of.

Opera 60: New design and faster VPN

All changes can be found in the official changelog. The design has become more minimalistic and offers noticeably more space for website content thanks to the narrower table bar.  The “Simple Setup” now works via a button on the right side of the search bar. Here you can change the background theme or activate functions like the crypto wallet. A unique feature compared to Firefox, Chrome and Co. is the integrated VPN service. With this update, the developers promise an even faster VPN connection.

Opera is a good alternative to the standard browsers.

Opera has long been my favorite browser. Not only the modern, simple design convinces me, also innovative functions are added again and again. The new update to version 60 brings with the Crypto-Wallet a feature that Firefox and Chrome are waiting for in vain. Even though Web 3 is still in its infancy, the new Opera version provides an interesting insight into what is already possible with crypto currencies and blockchain technologies.

If you are looking for a good alternative to the well-known browsers, you should install Opera once! And if you are still undecided, you can test the portable version extensively. In addition to design changes, Opera 60 also includes some new tools. The new version 60 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.