How To Unblock Pandora Outside The US

Pandora Internet Radio, or simply Pandora, is a very popular service that allows one to listen to the music one loves without any charge. Unfortunately, this service is only available in United States. Thankfully, it is possible to listen to the Pandora outside the US too!

One of the effective ways of unblocking Pandora would be to use a Free US VPN (Virtual Private Network). To do this, simply register an account on iTunes and select USA as your country. Now, log on to iTunes with your newly created account and then head to the app store in order to download Pandora.

Use the free trial VPN for iPhone at first and then connect the VPN. Now, reopen Pandora, it should work well because VPNs allows one to change one’s IP address as well as encrypt one’s data just to access services like Pandora.

Pandora works when you have an IP address from the U.S., even if you're not there in person
Pandora works when you have an IP address from the U.S., even if you’re not there in person

Once you manage to establish a strong connection to a VPN server based in the US, your computer or tablet would appear as though it is located in the States. Therefore you can enjoy listening to Pandora irrespective of your location. Since the IP is changed therefore your identity is hidden and the Pandora site wouldn’t be able to figure out that you are not located in the US.

The free US VPN method is your best bet for listening to Pandora outside the US because this option is safe, legal and reliable. Remember to always choose a VPN service which enables you to bypass any kind of ISP restriction.

In the past people used to take the help of an anonymous proxy in order to listen to Pandora. Now, not only is this is a slow process but there is also very less privacy and protection available with anonymous proxy. Therefore, it is better to rely on a VPN which is faster, anonymous and also provides more privacy.